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    Pregnancy & Nutrition
    It is time to dispel the rumors any unproven myths on food during pregnancy. During this stage, a mother needs a number of nutrients.

These Are The Foods To Avoid If You Want A Six Pack


Every man is looking to have the coveted 6-pack abs. It boils down to how one creates such a beautiful six pack. It is a result of good exercise and quality diets as well as consistency. But it is important to mention that food forms the basis for your six pack buildup. The following are some of the various types of food to avoid if you want to build a six pack:

Foods to avoid when you want a six pack

  • Heavy starch foods

tyyhgfgdfTaking heavy starchy foods and heavy carbs could make it almost impossible for you to get the best results. Eating such foods at night is even worse. The body is not highly engaged and thus poor metabolism. This slows down the process of burning excess fats.

  • Whole milk

Like heavy starch, whole milk should be avoided during six pack buildup. You need to cut on the calories intake if you need better results and whole milk is not a good part of your diet.

  • Ice cream

Ice creams are sweet, and many people take them to be fun. While they help the body to cool off, these could hamper your efforts in achieving a six pack. Ice creams have a lot of calories and thus not healthy for your abs.

  • Sausage

It is a form of processed food that is rich in fats and calories. Bacon, salami, and sausages are a wrong addition to your diet if you need to get quality six pack.

  • Diet foods

Taking a balanced diet is very important for your health in building six packs. Diet plans and diet foods are known to prevent your balanced diets thus poor six pack results. When on diets, you are likely to consume unwanted calories that could negatively affect your buildup.45tygjhfgf

  • High sugar cereals

Taking breakfast cereals that have additional sugar sweeteners and flavors could be harmful to your six pack progress. While these are common foods for breakfast, they could cause weight gain instead of cutting down on the calories. Whole grains are healthy cereals that can help in your buildup process.

It is advisable that you consult with a nutrition expert when you need to start your six pack buildup. This will be helpful to avoid any foods that will hamper your efforts. If you need to get your abs right, then avoid the above foods. Others include crackers, trans fat, refined flour, and processed cheese as well as margarine.

Best Foods For Expectant Mothers


It is time to dispel the rumors any unproven myths on food during pregnancy. During this stage, a mother needs a number of nutrients. It is important that you learn the various foods that are healthy for you and the nutrients they contain. Worth mentioning is the impact of the foods and drinks a mother takes during pregnancy: they are all your baby feeds on. It is thus necessary for the mother to take nutritious foods to offer the required nutrients to the unborn baby so as to grow and develop as expected.

Foods good for expectant mothers

Folic acid, calcium and iron as well as proteins are very important for a pregnant woman. Here are some of the highlights on their benefits to the mother during pregnancy

Folic acid

6u57iyijghfthrAccording to medical experts, folate is essential during pregnancy. This is a form of vitamin B that is necessary to avoid birth defects especially in the baby’s spine and brain, known as the neural tube defects. Not most meals that have sufficient folic acid. Taking daily supplements is thus recommended for pregnant mother.

Good sources of folic acid include enriched cereals, leafy green vegetables, pastas and bread.


This mineral is very important in the body. During pregnancy, the unborn baby relies on calcium for bone and teeth development. If the mother does not have sufficient supply for calcium, the extra demand is covered by drawing calcium from the mother’s bones. Mothers are encouraged to take sufficient dairy products since they contain enough calcium and vitamin D, another essential nutrient during pregnancy.

Recommended food sources include yogurt, milk, juices that are calcium-fortified, salmon, sardines, cheese and leafy greens.


Another crucial mineral during pregnancy is iron. The iron requirements in the body by pregnant mothers are twice as much in those women who are not pregnant. For sufficient supply of blood oxygen to the baby, the pregnant mother requires more iron in the body. This prevents anemia to the baby.

Food sources include poultry, meat, fish, dried beans and peas, iron-fortified cereals.  t456tfd6tyftdr


Pregnant mothers need enough protein supply in the body so as to build the necessary body organs of the baby. The nutrients are useful in brain and heart formation.

Good sources include nuts, meat, poultry, fish, dried peas and beans, and eggs.

Consult with your nutritionist and follow your doctor’s advice on the best foods to eat while pregnant. The instructions are very important for the pregnant mother and the baby.